Jaco Voorspuij

Senior Manager Transport & Logistics and Customs, GS1 Nederland

Jaco Voorspuij successfully completed the CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) CIPM (Certified in Production Management) educational programmes of the APICS (The organization for Operations Management) after completing his BSc in Business Information and BSc in Physics from the University of Utrecht.


Over the course of his career spanning some 25 years Jaco Voorspuij gained extensive in-depth knowledge and experience in the fields of Production Logistics, Transportation and Warehousing Logistics and supporting Information Technology.


From 1997 until May 2015 Jaco Voorspuij worked for DHL (and predecessors) on warehousing systems, transportation management (Road, Air and Sea), Business & Systems integration, Solutions Design & Architecture and IT Business Development for a number of the largest Clients of DHL and on some of the most challenging projects and Programmes that DHL has run and is running for those Clients.


Next to this since the beginning of 2007 Jaco Voorspuij has been the co-chair of the GS1 eCom Logistics Interoperability Model workgroup and since 2011 also co-chair of the GS1 Transport & Logistics Leadership team. He joined the GS1 Global Office as Senior Manager Transport & Logistics in May 2015.


Jaco has a keen interest in standardising and simplifying Logistics operations whilst keeping an eye open to technologies, concepts and ideas present or emerging that would enable existing Logistics services to be improved and/or new Logistics services to be designed and implemented in the market place.


During his entire career Jaco has regularly worked on the development of strategies, solutions and standards in the area of Last Mile delivery.